School Vision and Values
                                                                         Support and Challenge 

Sharjah English School aims to provide quality British education to children aged 3 to 18 in an inclusive, caring environment which also offers them stimulation and challenge. We aim to maximise their academic successes, and create reflective life-long learners, through providing a curriculum that is broad, relevant and appropriate to their individual needs. We will develop the whole child through areas such as music, information technology, performance, extra-curricular provision and leadership programmes. All children will have an opportunity to maximise their potential and we will celebrate their successes.
Students will leave SES as confident and responsible citizens of a changing multi-cultural world.



Our Vision

Sharjah English School prepares children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will face in life through promoting their social, cultural, moral and intellectual development. The school strives to provide a learning experience which is challenging and enjoyable.

The needs of our pupils are our prime concern.

We are at our core a British community school. This reflects the principles on which we were established, and our actual experiences over more than four decades of successful operation.

In practice this means that we follow a UK curriculum, informed by UK government policy and practice, measure ourselves against demanding UK standards in terms of the quality of teaching and the success of learning outcomes. We operate standard and recognized tests at each Key Stage and prepare our students for GCSE examinations at 16 years of age, and A Level examinations at 18 years of age, recognizing that these qualifications have proven value internationally, as well as in the UK. Our curriculum also commits us to promoting music, art, sports and swimming, drama, Personal Health and Social Education and other disciplines which we recognize as crucial to the development of the whole individual. Students registering for the school are likewise expected to recognize the value of these aspects of the curriculum; opting out of any area of the school’s provision is not permitted.

SES expects all teaching staff to be fully qualified to the most exacting British standards, and to remain informed and current with developments and changes in UK educational policy and practice. Staff must be committed to professional development and improvement, and understand the need for a collaborative and supportive team approach to delivery of the curriculum.

Being a British curriculum school involves shared assumptions about values and the non-academic functions of a school: we place great emphasis on respect for others, tolerance of difference, academic and personal integrity, inclusion, multi-culturalism, and social and environmental responsibility. Our students will be guided towards principles of personal discipline and growth, health and fitness, social and political awareness and moral sensitivity, which will be part of their lives long after they leave the school.

We are an inclusive and diverse school, recognizing the nature of the community and society we serve. All staff, parents and pupils must understand that we are enriched by diversity and the range of nationalities, religions, cultures and levels of physical and intellectual ability represented in our school community. The school is non-denominational and strives to celebrate difference, recognizing that being a truly international school is going to provide students with a rewarding and nurturing education, one that will empower them as citizens of an ever-changing world.

Values: Teaching and Learning

As a relatively small school, we can maintain an intimate, student-friendly and nurturing environment. Teaching and learning within Sharjah English School reflect our strong beliefs about education in general: 

  • every pupil has to be valued and needs to attain the highest level academically of which he/she is capable;
  • all pupils deserve the opportunity to learn and grow, personally, socially and morally;
  • all students are individuals and the strengths and learning styles of each must inform our approach to teaching;
  • to succeed with all children a school needs to be challenging and to push a child, but the environment must be secure and happy and free from threat;
  • students should want to come to school;
  • students should appear curious and engaged;
  • teaching needs to be imaginative and inspiring and varied, only then can all be persuaded to participate;
  • students in SES are in no doubt that the school expects much of them, but they are also secure in knowing that we offer them support and security to attempt challenging and new things;
  • learning will flourish where there is a friendly, co-operative working relationship between the home and the school.