The Lower School is composed of Foundation1, Foundation2 and Year 1.

Department Leader : Miss. Sophie Davies

In the Lower School, the curriculum is planned and resourced to ignite the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and to provide opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued. Well-planned play is a key way in which children learn with enjoyment and challenge, both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

The learning environments are well resourced and maintained providing the children with a range of multi-sensory activities. Display is valued and celebrates the children’s work across all curriculum areas.  All class rooms have interactive white boards to support the children's learning; these offer ways to support and consolidate day to day skills and allow access to the world outside through interactive websites. The children have a dedicated play area featuring a range of high quality climbing equipment and a range of other activities that keep them fully occupied at break time!  Specialist teaching rooms for ICT, Arabic, Music and PE complete the department facilities.

Wherever possible the children are taken out of school for day trips and have special days that support and enrich the curriculum. 

The Lower School gives each and every child a very strong foundation in education and every child that leaves the Lower School into their next stage of learning does so with confidence and an enthusiasm for learning.

The Middle Years consist of Years 2, 3 and 4.

Department Leader : Mrs. Annabel Semken

Our aim is to provide children in Years 2 to 4 with an excellent education in a caring and enriched environment, in order to reach their full potential. We believe that enjoyment and willingness to learn are key factors in your child’s success at school. Specialist lessons are delivered by subject teachers in Arabic, P.E. and Music. Muslim pupils also have Islamic Studies lessons.

We encourage confidence, independence and resilience in all our students and it is our aim to ensure that children are happy in order to achieve their full potential.   Through differentiated lessons, every student is allocated tasks and assignments appropriate to their level of development and students are monitored consistently to inform teachers of successful changes to their developmental levels. Those pupils who show strength in particular areas are offered extension opportunities. We also provide learning support to those pupils who need extra help. We celebrate their successes both in class and in assembly to promote self-assurance, provide motivation and demonstrate mutual respect between class and house members.  

Through a positive behaviour program we promote self-awareness and foster feelings of empathy and understanding among our students. Kindness and respect are essential elements of the atmosphere created in our classes. Students are encouraged to take responsibilities as class monitors and helpers. They are also expected to look after their own property and be organised with their books and equipment. They will be expected to set the example to younger members of the school and to their peers by being kind, considerate and well-mannered to both children and adults alike. The children are offered leadership responsibility in the form of Student Council Representatives in Year Three and Year Four.  

Regular field trips are organised to support and reinforce the curriculum, as well as widening the learning experience we offer. Educational trips can be related to any of the subject areas with a specific focus on topics covered during the year.

Upper School consists of Year 5 and 6.

Department Leader : Mr. Mark O’Brien

In Upper School, we continue to build upon the progression and achievements the students made in Middle School.  During the two years in Upper School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires, motivates, supports and challenges students in their learning. 

We are committed to a cross-curricular approach to learning that provides students with a wide range of opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, to promote their personal, academic, creative and physical development.  We also focus on collaboration, communication and technology to enhance learning and prepare the students to be effective contributors both in the community they live in and the wider society. Outstanding specialist teaching of physical education, music and Arabic compliments our in class teaching.

We aim to provide memorable experiences within school with themed days, class assemblies and the Year Six production. In addition to these special events, students regularly go on day field trips to reinforce the curriculum, and they also have the opportunity to experience residential trips. Year Five students attend a two night residential stay within the Emirates, where they enjoy participating in team building and confidence activities. Year Six have the opportunity to take part in the annual international ski trip.

By the end of Upper School, Year Six students will have experienced several transition sessions preparing them for life in the secondary school.  We hope that they will have discovered their personal strengths; they will be self-confident, self-disciplined and capable to face the challenges of education in the 21st century.