Key Stage 3

Head of Key Stage 3: Miss. Ruth Tremlett

In Key Stage 3, we work on developing individuals' talents,whether they be academic, musical or
sporting. It is our aim to help the younger students develop their own skills both in and out of the classroom in order to produce well rounded human beings as well as successful academics. This is in preparation for their SATs at the end of Year 9 and in advance of the students embarking on their GCSE studies at Key Stage 4.

A full curriculum is offered in Key Stage 3 prior to taking options for further study. This includes the core subjects, English, Mathematics and Science as well as a mixture of humanities, languages and the arts. Being organised as well as active helps increase students' confidence and enthusiasm in their studies and this is encouraged from the first day in Year 7. Extra curricular activities run throughout the year, offering the students a wide variety of opportunities to expand their experiences and skills further. Details of the clubs on offer can be found on the Extra Curricular Activities page of our website.


Key Stage 4

Head of Key Stage 4: Mr. Darren Cowan

Option choice booklets  can be downloaded from here

As they leave Year 9, the students reach an important point in their schooling where they have to decide which subject options to take for their GCSE’s. Before this choice can be made, teachers, parents and students must all work together to ensure that the final decision is one which will be to the satisfaction of all concerned.

We believe that a broad, balanced education is essential and this policy is reflected in our option choice format. Our ‘GCSE Option Package’ reflects a programme of subjects which will prepare our students thoroughly for future studies in whichever system of education they enter. It will also give them diversity of subject matter, essential for future employment.

To ensure breadth and balance in each student’s individual curriculum, we do insist that all students take English and English Literature, Mathematics, two or three Science courses and up to four further optional subjects, to GCSE level. Students also take Physical Education and a Personal, Social and Health Education course as non-GCSE subjects. For the majority of students a total of ten GCSE subjects will be studied.

An Options/Curriculum Evening during Term 2 is always arranged for parents to attend to learn about the choices that their child can make. This allows parents and students to discuss the various options with subject teachers, who can help to advise them on the best decisions.


The Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form: Mr. Paul Egan

Option choice booklets and application forms can be downloaded from here

The choices you make, about what and where to study in the Sixth Form, will have a significant bearing on your future life and career. The qualifications you acquire; the personal qualities and life skills that you develop, the friendships you forge will all be crucial in determining how you cope with the transition from school to adult life, and your success in an increasingly competitive world.

In deciding to stay on into the Sixth Form at Sharjah English School, or join as a new student, you will no doubt have spent time in serious thought.

Applicants will often have a specific career in mind and will see Sixth Form study as a means of providing them with qualifications, experience and opportunities. You should consult your parents when making up your mind, and always speak with experienced members of staff when forming your plans, ensuring that you are content with your choices and that your questions are answered.

If you are to benefit from entering Sixth Form you must be prepared to extend yourself academically, to utilise the greater freedom that you will have in a worthwhile and constructive manner to allow you to take advantage of the opportunities which will exist for developing skills, leadership and responsibility. Your aim should be to strive for success so that you can leave school equipped to take on the challenges of university and life with confidence.