The Student Council

The Student Council at SES encourages students to take an active leadership role in the school. The students’ voice is an important element of all decision-making and does have a concrete effect on school policy and direction.

Class representatives are elected from each year group in Secondary, allowing students to experience and participate in a true democratic process. The reps meet as a group and feed-back to their forms. Initiatives on charity fund-raising, school social events, student concerns, and suggested developments are all passed through the council to the school management. The Head Boy and Head Girl meet frequently with the Principal to ensure that staff are aware of all issues of interest or concern to students. The Head Boy and Head Girl also maintain their contact with the younger students by frequent visits to the Primary, for assemblies and events. The Primary Student Council is made up of pupils in years 3, 4 5 & 6, elected by their peers. The Student Council meet with the Head of Primary weekly to discuss pupils’ ideas  and arrange charity fundraising events.

Head Boy - 2015-2016:  Reece Abouelnasr
Head Girl - 2015-2016:  Leila Hamza