Safeguarding and Child Protection
The school has clear policies and procedures on safeguarding and child protection. These are updated frequently and staff receive compulsory training in this area on joining the school, and annually thereafter. Staff are obliged by UAE law to report concerns or reports of abuse to the school, and these will always be dealt with appropriately by the designated child protection officers. Governors have oversight of all such reports and will hold the school management accountable for how these are dealt with.

Reporting Safeguarding and Child Protection Concerns
Parents and students may on occasions wish to pass on concerns or information about children in the school; these may involve concerns about physical abuse or neglect, children whose actions are making them vulnerable, suspicions about dangerous social media behavior, worries about inappropriate behaviour outside of school, or more general concerns about a child’s well-being or emotional health that may be unknown to the school. Parents / students can pass on such concerns via the following reporting email address: Only the Principal, Heads of Primary and Secondary, and the Counsellor will have access to this account. It offers a high degree of confidentiality, in that the recipients cannot identify the sender; but serious matters may require the school to seek more information or detail. In all cases, concerns will be treated with sensitivity and the utmost discretion.