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Year 9 Girls were invited to take part in a session led by students from Sharjah Womens College, on the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating in raising awareness of how to prevent the onset of Diabetes.

The students participated in two exercise sessions led by the Sharjah Womens College students, the first was a High Intensity Workout, followed by a zumba class.

Afterwards, some students had the opportunity to 'earn their smoothie' by peddling as fast as they could on a bicycle which powered a smoothie maker.

Yesterday as part of Anti Bullying and Tolerance week we wore odd socks to highlight to our primary pupils that being different is perfectly OK! In addition we explored the...
• The definition of respect
• That bullying is a behaviour choice
• That we can respectfully disagree with each other i.e. we don't have to be best friends or always agree with each other but we do have to respect each other
• That we all need to choose to respect each other, both face to face and online

Students of GCSE and A Level drama have presented a series of pieces as part of their courses. These were performed in the old Foundation Building, which has now been converted into an intimate performance space.

An audience of their parents and teachers saw the students offer their responses to various stimulus materials. These devised pieces are very much the students' own work, and showed a variety of interpretations of ideas associated with identity, racism and other contemporary concerns.

It was a first opportunity for the school to experiment with the new performance space, which we are sure will be an important venue in the future for exhibitions, plays or music recitals.

All of the SES Netball teams have had some great success this week in the final matches of the Sharjah Schools Netball League season.

Under 10
A fantastic first season for the girls in the Under 10 team, they have developed so much. They played their first competitive game in the Sharjah Schools league and were rewarded with a second place finish. Well Done to all players and Coach Mrs Price.

Under 12
The girls started the season off well. They finished third place this season - only two points behind the league winners. Well done girls.

Under 14
After winning the league last season as Under 12 - an unbeaten season repeated itself again in 2018. Six victories from six matches played for this group of players. Finishing the Sharjah School League Winners. Well Done Girls.

Under 16
The Under 16 team have been trainign hard and have developed their skills considerably over the term so far. Their season has been filled with a few tense and exciting matches ending in some draws and last minute winning goals. The Under 16 finished second place this season - only by goal difference. Well done to all players and coach Miss Manjee.

Our students recently visited the ME Fit Pro Conference at the Hamdan Sports Complex where they worked with top performance coaches to develop their knowledge and understanding of elite performance. Aligning both their curriculum understanding and practical work, they also learned about the importance of preparing both mentally and physically to become a successful athlete.

In recognition of the reputation which the school now enjoys, SES leaders were invited to make a presentation to over 120 other Sharjah schools at the Radisson Hotel this week.

The topic was "Self-Evaluation and Continuous Improvement in Schools", and the event was organised and hosted by Sharjah Education Council. SEC feel that Sharjah English embodies many aspects of good practice in this area, and that sharing our experiences would enhance education provision among the emirate's private schools.

Pictures show Miss Brady, Miss Morley and Mr. Nolan addressing various gatherings at the conference.

Having won the Emirates Environmental Group Public Speaking Competition last year, five of our students were invited to make a presentation at the ENOC Energy Awards ceremony today at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai. They spoke about digital disruption in the oil and gas industry, giving a presentation which was very well received by the audience. Many came over to personally congratulate the students on their well-researched and professionally delivered address; one even offered to hire them now!

WhichScoolAdvisor Young Musician of the Year Competition 2018

Your Votes are Required!

SES is happy to introduce videos of our three competitors in the WSA Young Musician of the Year Competition. All are from Year 11.

Lubi Spacek plays a guitar piece by Aguado; vocalist Anneketrien Van Wassenhove presents Hart's 'Vilia'; Bianka Munday sings Harback and Kern's classic 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes'.

The students' efforts can be view and voted for on the WhichSchoolAdvisor website, or through the following links:

There are 7 days left to vote – our students are in competition up against 280 other entries from schools across the UAE.

Kris Fade and his team of presenters from Virgin Radio visited the school on Wednesday 17th as part of the station's 20 Schools in 20 Days promotion.

After arriving in the Virgin Double Decker Bus, a lively and noisy session in the school auditorium saw the famed DJ answer question from the audience, give away prizes for a series of quizzes and physical feats, and celebrate the talent of our SES students. Kris was accompanied by fellow presenters Priti Malik and Big Rossi.
Performances by our rock musicians and Singing Ensemble were complemented by a massed percussion session involving Years 7 to 9; well done to all of them – radio stardom awaits!
Amongst the many prize winners Alexei Kettell of Year 12 won a Dell laptop, and Mrs. Christensen won a trip to Warner Brothers in Abu Dhabi for her whole class in the 'planking' physical challenge. There were also goody-bags galore from the various sponsors.
Thanks to all students and parents who voted SES into the list of participating schools.

Year 11 student Thendral Kamal has been announced as one of the winners of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre / UAE Space Agency 'Zero Gravity' competition. Her prize was a trip to Florida to experience weightlessness on a parabolic flight during which she conducted an experiment in zero gravity surroundings!

Thendral, who has a passionate interest in astronomy and all things related to space, submitted her proposal for an experiment early in the summer. The experiment had to be conducted to fit the 22 second timeframe of weightlessness which the zero gravity flights achieve.

The competition required a two minute video presentation outlining her idea and why she should be chosen to try her experiment in zero gravity. Thendral then had to submit herself for an interview with the project leaders, before being announced as one of the winners.

Congratulations to Thendral on this tremendous out-of-this world achievement. Many thanks also to physics teachers Mrs. Eirini Sotiropoulou and Mr. John Winstanley for their support. "My Eureka moment came when we debated how buoyancy would operate in zero gravity," Thendral explained. "The question was: how would a buoyant object floating in water behave in the absence of gravity?"

The video submission is linked below. Prior to her zero gravity flight, Thendral had to engineer an improved apparatus for her experiment to take with her on the flight.

"We congratulate Thendral on this most impressive achievement," said Mr. John Nolan, SES Principal. "Her fascination with astronomy and her interest in space has always been coupled with an infectious enthusiasm in sharing her ideas. She is an inspiration to us all!"

Thendral's Winning Video Submission

SES Students Top Vocalists at YMOG 2018

The Young Musicians of the Gulf competition in Bahrain concluded on Thursday night with the Grand Finals.

SES students Patrick O'Connell and Anneketrien Van-Wassenhove won the top male and female vocalist awards, marking a unique double for the school in this prestigious and demanding competition. In addition Patrick performed in the grand final in the vocal category against the winners of the piano and strings competitions.

Congratulations to both Patrick and Anneketrien; they gave outstanding and nuanced performances. We wish them both well in their future music careers.

Huge congratulations also to Mrs Maria Lis, their voice coach and accompanist.

Well done also to all our competitors - they were a wonderful group and many will return to future YMOG competitions with enhanced skills and real prospects of matching this year's successes.