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Shout out to our Islamic studies teachers at #SES. Today they are teaching Key stage 3. Here is a little insight into lessons have been going on. Year 7 have been learning about full ablution and Ghusl (purification bath).
Year 8 have been studying about prayers for certain occasions. Year 9 topics include farewell Hajj and the death of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him.

This week began with International Teachers' Day, which was celebrated on 5th October. SES thanks parents and students for all the acknowledgements of the occasion; their gratitude to teaching staff is appreciated and valued.

Sharjah Educational Council (SEC) sent a presentation gift to the school, to mark the occasion, which was raffled among staff. The winner was Ms Hazel O'Brien, Year 3 teacher, who is pictured accepting her prize from Mr. Nolan. She represents all staff in receiving the award.

Many thanks to SEC for their thoughtful gesture.

The Primary School is delighted to share that Mia March and Waleed Qureshi were successful in their application and were selected as Student Leaders for this academic year.
Today they met with Mr Nolan and were congratulated on their achievement. Mr Nolan listened as they detailed items that they would like to develop over the course of this year!
Looking after our planet and being a supportive friend were key areas they would like to see developed across our school.

Tuesday 8th September saw a large and enthusiastic gathering of parents for the Parents' Support Group Coffee Morning. The PSG is a crucial part of Sharjah English School. Being mainly concerned with building community spirit and organizing fund-raising efforts, the group consists of parents who are willing and able to devote some voluntary time to enhance the experience of the children at school – through supporting school events with refreshments, building community spirit, and celebrating diversity with our annual Iftar and other social occasions.
Fundraising efforts in the past year have enabled the purchase of a laser cutter for the Design and Technology department, and supplying IT equipment to support music and composition.
All parents are invited to participate in PSG events; the level of commitment can vary from a few hours a term to getting involved in our big efforts such as 'Winter Fayre.'
You can follow the PSG on their Facebook page. Please see the PSG page on the school website for details of how to get involved.

SES is proud to recognize the achievements of Mr. Toby Oakeley, of our PE department, who recently represented the UAE at international level in Rugby 7s.

This is a huge personal accomplishment for Toby, and provides an inspiration to all our students. Toby, himself as SES alumnus, is a model of the rewards of dedication, discipline and hard work which we promote as values that all our students should aspire to, whether in sport, arts or academic work.

Well done, Toby!

On Wednesday 4th September, students began rehearsals for the film and live orchestra performance of "Gladiator" at the Dubai Opera House. 9 students from S.E.S will be a part of the newly formed "Arabian Youth Choir" and will perform the work with a full orchestra and professional choir at the Dubai Opera House on 18th & 19th September. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a truly amazing performance. We wish the students well as they embark on two weeks of intensive rehearsals ready for the big event. Tickets and more information can be found at #SESMUSIC #GLADIATOR #DUBAIOPERA #SINGINGWITHRUSSEL #REHEARSALS #PERFORMANCE

This week the Primary School held its annual 'Spelling Bee' competition. Mr Hyland is thanked for organising a very challenging and exciting event. The spelling capabilities of our pupils proved extremely impressive, well done to all our finalists!
Congratulations to the following pupils for achieving Spelling Bee Champion of their Year Band.

Year 1 (Ali), Year 2 (Mariyah), Year 3 (Rivan)
Year 4 (Rayyan), Year 5 (Idris) and the Year 6 (Anaadya)

Earth Day 2019, Emirates Environmental Group Public Speaking Competition,

Presenting a speech on Healthcare & Sustainability.
A team of fours students from Sharjah English School did a great job in this years competition. Their speech was very well researched and delivered. It was certainly among the best of the day. They finished fourth of about 40 schools who entered in total. Well done to the year 10 students.