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What we have learnt from the SES 'on line' experience?

Through the pupils submissions we have observed that our pupils have needed to apply the attributes of our 'Learner Profile'. They are resilient, hard working and so confident! Judy Abou Shar in Y2 F joins an ever increasing number of pupils who are demonstrating excellent independence in their work. Judy's work is a perfect example of how a great attitude and confidence can deliver the very best in learning.
Watch out Mrs MacDonald, Judy is ready for your job!

Being successful comes in many forms, this weekend three of our pupils took part in the FIFA 2020 eSports Interschool Tournament at Meydan Hotel. Hassan Awni, Yaman Khaled and Elias Khaled all took part in the event after winning the school tournament that was held across Term One by Mr Gill.

All three students are commended for their energy and enthusiasm and we congratulate Hassan for getting through to the Semi Finals!

Mrs Stuart, Deputy Head of the Primary assembled a team of staff and pupils to explore the opportunities provided in our learning environment to develop our Learner Profile attributes! Education is enhanced when students are resilient, confident and reflective. Details of all our attributes are available on the school website, our teachers ensure that all attributes are integrated into our learning environment daily.

University Internship for SES Biologists:

During the winter break, a group of 12 SES biologists participated in an internship program offered by The Department of Applied Biology / Biotechnology Program at the College of Sciences / University of Sharjah. The internship covered a wide range of biological experiments that reinforce our GCSE and A level Biology curriculum.

This was an excellent opportunity for students to develop scientific skills outside of their normal school environment, to network and to meet other keen students and working professionals in the field of Biology.

Congratulations to the students who participated on their initiative and dedication.