SES – a truly unique school

Our Vision

Creating Opportunities for all Students:

  • to achieve the academic excellence they are capable of

  • to experience personal growth

  • to acquire confidence

  • to experience real and meaningful leadership

  • to optimize university and college choices

  • to become a resilient and resourceful learner, having the capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world

Making it happen through:

  • an uncompromising view of what each child can attain

  • teaching that is inspiring and imaginative

  • offering a curriculum that caters to all

  • valuing service to the wider community

  • understanding the need to extend beyond the academic

  • challenging students and having the highest expectations

  • working from a personalised knowledge of all our students

  • knowing how to inspire and engage

  • offering additional support to all

  • maintaining a secure and happy learning environment

At Sharjah English School we pride ourselves on being the most caring and welcoming not-for-profit school in the UAE.