Learner Profile


It is our goal to develop students who can think for themselves, are socially confident and responsible and above all, successful learners.


At SES we acknowledge that it is our responsibility to educate the whole child and that academic success, while important, is only part of what we aim for our students to achieve.

It is our goal to develop students who can think for themselves, are socially confident and responsible and above all, successful learners.

The Sharjah English School Learner Profile is based on both recent academic research about cognitive performance and on the vision and values of the UAE and our school community. It consists of the attributes and characteristics of the 21st century learner, which we aim to instil in our students and which are interwoven throughout our curriculum and integral to the imaginative learning opportunities we provide.


Spoken and written language is the foundation of the curriculum at SES. Through innovative teaching methods, presentations to our wider community, and extra-curricular activities such as debating, our students are given every opportunity to develop their vocabulary and communication skills.
Be it through evaluating historical sources or considering the best strategy to solve a problem, our students are encouraged to think critically about information. They reflect on their choices and actions in order to make a positive contribution to our school and community.
SES students seek to understand the viewpoints of others and learn from them. They undertake local community projects to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.
As part of a supportive community, our students learn to respond positively to setbacks. They recognise that we learn best from the mistakes that we make and find different ways to achieve success.
Our students are curious about the world around them. Through a diverse range of curriculum opportunities, they engage in personal research and challenge assumptions.
Each SES student learns to identify positive and negative risks in their daily lives. With the support of our community, they stay positive when tackling new challenges and make decisions by reflecting on their previous decisions and mistakes.
At SES we understand and value our own cultures, and are open to the traditions and histories of others. We appreciate new points of view.
Our students understand the importance of hard work. Be it in class, in the playground, or on the sports field, they keep going, even when faced with challenges.
Throughout the taught curriculum and as part of the extensive student-leadership programme, our students learn to treat others with compassion and respect. They have a strong sense of social justice and aim to make a positive difference in our world.
SES students love to learn and take every opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding. They show initiative and aim to complete each task to the best of their ability.
Our students are authentic. They believe in themselves but are not afraid to change their ideas based on critical reflection of new information. They demonstrate a quiet inner strength to succeed.
Harnessing the power of their creativity, our students seek new and original solutions to problems in their learning and environment.