The term ‘House’ represents a group of students rather than a specific location.  The house names at SES were decided by students and after much debate we decided upon Lynxes, Foxes, Falcons, Geckos and Stingrays. 

The houses play an important role in our school and help to strengthen links and bonds between all members of our community. All staff are also allocated into houses and proudly wear their house shirts alongside students at our special house events.

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Y1-6 classes organise a positive and comprehensive house point system that supports excellent behaviour and learning across all facets of school life.  This is celebrated at weekly assemblies across the school.

Termly calendars of house events such as sports days, quizzes and ‘house shouts’ regularly provide excitement and community spirit to school life. Student House Captains are also in place providing further leadership opportunities for students as well as staff leaders of each house.  

Heads of House
  • Lynxes - Miss Morgan
  • Falcons - Miss Crookes
  • Foxes - Ms Langley
  • Geckos - Ms Piper
  • Stingrays - Miss Benger


Pastoral and academic care in the Secondary school is carried out primarily through the House system. The Head of House has overall responsibility for the academic and social development of the students in their house. Year 12 and 13 students are members of a House, however they are also part of a bespoke Sixth Form Team.

The students are allocated into House tutor groups either from Years 7-11 or Years 12-13. Each morning students attend a tutor group where they will register for school but also have the opportunity to do a variety of activities which may range from topic discussions with tutors, planning for house events or having homework diaries checked. Every Thursday morning, a longer Moral Education ‘House’ period allows scheduled House time or the opportunity to go into greater depth across other age appropriate issues such as coping with exams, life in school etc. 

The Houses provide a wonderful opportunity for many different activities at SES. Each academic year there are a variety of house competitions in sport, the Arts and other enrichment events such as quizzes and debates.

Every student becomes passionate about their house and supporting their friends within their House. Parents are encouraged to develop a relationship with their child’s tutor and also the Head of House  so that we can work together to help each child fulfil their potential.

Heads of House

Ms Hellewell


Ms Collins

Ms Hussein

Mr Collier

Mr Plummer


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