Our Vision


During the 2022/23 academic year SES undertook a whole school re-visioning process involving all stakeholders.  The resulting 5 year strategic plan and guiding statements can be found on this page.

We would like to thank all students, staff, parents and governors who helped to develop an exciting new vision and direction for SES as we build upon the legacy of our ‘first’ 50 years.



Our Vision defines our ambition and the culture in which it is framed: a world class school, embracing the dynamism of the UAE. 


Our mission reflects our core purpose and why we exist: at Sharjah English School we are dedicated to a continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world.

Within a not for profit, safe and supportive environment, we provide a relevant, high-quality education and prepare our diverse student body for future endeavour. We honour achievement and promote pride in ourselves, in our school and in our community.


Our Values underpin everything we do. They serve as a foundation to guide all of our decisions and define the every day culture at SES.


Our school has a comprehensive strategic plan guiding us towards a bright future! These principles act as our compass, ensuring we provide your child with an exceptional and globally-focused education that prepares them for success in the years to come.

Strategic Priority 1: Our Place in the World

  • 1.1  We actively engage with our community and value the involvement of all.
  • 1.2  We celebrate diversity, expect equity and promote inclusion.
  • 1.3  We encourage a healthy and balanced approach to life for all.
  • 1.4  We are positive contributors to a global society.

Strategic Priority 2: Aspirational Education

  • 2.1  We provide outstanding pastoral care.
  • 2.2  We have the highest expectations and standards.
  • 2.3  We are at the forefront of educational practice.
  • 2.4  We maximise opportunities for personal growth.

Strategic Priority 3: Strengthening our Future

  • 3.1  We future proof.
  • 3.2  We develop strategic partnerships.
  • 3.3  We build capacity.
  • 3.4  We have world class facilities.