At Sharjah English School, enrichment plays an imperative role in broadening pupils’ learning.

Pupils are encouraged to try new experiences and opportunities that are key to both academic success, and personal and social development, ensuring that all benefit from a well-rounded and future-focused education.`

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Sharjah English School is determined to be at the forefront of education in sport, music, technology and innovation. As a result, we have designed a programme of extra-curricular activities which plays a vital role in fostering essential skills such as collaboration and teamwork.

The programme offers a wide range of academic, creative, innovative and sporting clubs and encourages pupils to pursue their aspirations and dreams.

It provides engaging options and challenging activities tailored to meet the needs of our pupils, all of which support and embed our core Learner Profile Attributes. 

With such a wide-ranging programme of activities, pupils are encouraged to have as much fun as possible while developing their confidence, creative skills and analytical thinking. We aim to ignite new passions as well as extending existing interests and building skills to support future success. Activities change termly in line with student interests, pupil voice and sporting seasons. 


Memorable experiences throughout the year, including themed days, class assemblies and school competitions all align to provide a rich and vibrant curriculum for pupils. School excursions and guest speakers provide a unique opportunity for pupils to gain first-hand experience from trained professionals and specialists in their field of expertise, to make instant real life and exciting connections to their education.


Student Leadership also forms part of our overarching Enrichment Programme. As part of our school vision, we ensure that our students develop key leadership and communicative skills.

They are pivotal in creating, communicating and implementing positive changes to ensure the growth and development of our school. 

The Primary Student Leadership Team comprises pupils from Year 3 to 6 and has an abundance of opportunities for all children. Overseen by the Primary Student Leaders,  members of the Student Council are elected by their peers through a democratic process.

Each class elects one member to the Student Council. The Student Council, alongside the House Captains, Sports Leaders, Library and Music Leaders, all shape our school. They are responsible for listening and communicating the ideas of their classes and are involved in the planning and effective implementation of key school initiatives throughout the year in different areas of the school. Having student leaders empowers pupils and gives them a voice in decision-making, contributing to overall improvements at Sharjah English School.