Our commitment to excellence in education is reflected not only in our curriculum and facilities but also in the experiences of our students, parents, and staff. On this page, you'll find heartfelt testimonials that showcase the diverse and inspiring stories from our school community.

These testimonials provide a glimpse into the daily life at Sharjah English School, highlighting the impact of our dedicated teachers, the supportive atmosphere, and the transformative educational experiences we offer. We invite you to read these stories to see firsthand how we help shape the future leaders, thinkers, and innovators of tomorrow.

Explore the stories and reflections from those who know us best. Whether you're considering joining the Sharjah English School family, or are simply curious about our approach to education, these testimonials offer valuable insights into the unique and enriching environment we foster here.


“Brilliant school and brilliant staff. I have 2 children that attend SES and thoroughly enjoy it.”

“SES is definitely one of the best schools in Sharjah for me. My 2 daughters go to their Primary School since September 2021 and me and my kids are very happy with this school and we love it.”


“My kids have been going to SES since the beginning. They have been loving their time there. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is second to none and each child is treated with care.”

“I find this is one of the best educational institutions located in Sharjah. Located in a huge area, big grounds & beautiful buildings fully loaded with sports activities like football ground, pool, gymnastics & other playgrounds.


“One of the best schools in the Sharjah Emirate. Extremely big with great buildings, pool, gymnasium, football field and playgrounds. Kids love their school and the personnel is usually kind and helpful. Teachers are very good and are strict in a good way.”

“Sharjah English School (SES) is a great school with caring teachers and a supportive atmosphere. Highly recommended for a quality education.”


“My daughter went there for 3 years and I love this school. The kids are friendly, cheerful, the staff is nice and whenever I had any concerns, they were really helpful. I am very happy to know that she is learning in a safe environment. My daughter loved it.”

“This was our 1st year at SES. I can’t say enough good things about this school. The staff is excellent and so very caring. The education is first class. I can’t believe how much my daughters have excelled at this school.”


“This is the best school in Sharjah even we can say in UAE. Teachers are very efficient and qualified. The quality of education is very high. Give children to groom themselves through creative learning. The school itself is lush with beautiful trees and grass. I must say if you can afford it you must go for this school.”