Dear Parents, Students and Prospective Parents and Students,

My name is Tony Piper and I am the Head of Secondary at Sharjah English School (SES). It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Secondary School here at SES and the very special community that it represents.

The Secondary School at SES is a vibrant, growing community of about 550 students from over 50 nationalities running from Year 7-13. We have 44 teachers who are primarily British.

We are an academically outstanding school following the British International School system, accredited by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspectorate. This means that you as parents can be safe in the knowledge that when you choose to enrol your child in SES, your child will be receiving an ‘Outstanding’ education.

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The UAE is a wonderful place to raise a child; it is modern, connected, safe and secure. Despite being predominantly urban it is still a place where children can be children. SES offers a truly wonderful community where every child is accepted and treated as an individual at the school.

Its position in Sharjah allows us to take part and embrace everything the UAE has to offer but also allows for a ‘smaller’ school feel, one that ensures everything feels very much part of the SES family.

We work hard to create a challenging, vibrant and nurturing environment that enables each child to flourish. We believe in the traditional values of an independent school education but we also embrace exciting new practices and are able to pull the best ideas from a wide variety of sources.

The green and open school campus provides our students with a wonderful environment to enjoy their learning and we warmly welcome visitors to the school to meet our students and teachers and see the excellent facilities.

We aim to match the expectations of good preparatory schools around the world and many of our graduating students have gained places and even scholarships at some of the top Universities in the world such as in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Schools should promote learning wherever it may happen—this is the principle of a holistic, liberal education—ensuring that the whole child is educated. All children should be encouraged to achieve their best in the areas of:

  • Academic Studies
  • Creativity
  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Moral and Spiritual development

We believe that this is best achieved by providing children with able, professional teachers who will get to know the students they teach.  Staff use a range of engaging learning opportunities to provide work that challenges each child to think for themselves and to participate fully in co-curricular activities such as school trips, Enrichment, Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA), Mental Health Day, International Award and a host of other exciting opportunities. We also expect students to contribute to assemblies and to engage in activities during class time.

We hope that school will be fun and that students will participate as fully as possible in everything that SES has to offer. A student who is happy and active is very likely to be a successful student.

Tony PiperWe are also very aware that parents play an extremely important role in guiding the educational progress of their children. When schools and parents work in partnership, children are more likely to flourish. We have core values for all our students and we would like parents to support us in reinforcing these values.

We believe that all students should:

  • Think, communicate and engage fully with all lessons;
  • Commit fully to the extra-curricular aspect of school life;
  • Be respectful, tolerant and understanding of others.

We look forward to working with you to provide an education of the highest quality for your child.

Welcome to the Secondary School at SES.

Best Wishes,
Tony Piper, Head of Secondary