Foundation Department


Head of Department: Ms.Leanne Rowlinson

In the Foundation Stage at Sharjah English School the curriculum is planned and resourced to ignite the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and to provide opportunities for all children to succeed in a secure atmosphere; one in which they feel valued.

Teachers work collaboratively to provide opportunities, both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments, for children to learn through investigative play. Teachers spend their time observing and interacting with each child to get to know the children's interests and next steps in learning. Spending this time in one-to-one situations enables teachers to provide personalised teaching strategies that support each child.

The learning spaces in Foundation are well resourced and planned to ensure pupils learn through personal interest. The children learn the importance of independence and how they can take charge of their own learning. Children are taught how to use resources in the classroom to further their knowledge and skills and they are able to access these resources at any time during the school day. The classroom provision is enhanced to develop the children's learning.

Our pupils learn to be independent learners by engaging in specific skills; which ensure they build characteristics of effective learning. These include:

    a)  Playing and exploring:

Finding out and exploring
Playing with what they know
Being willing to ‘have a go’

    b) Active learning:

Being involved and concentrating
Learning to keep trying
Enjoying success by achieving what they set out to do

    c) Creating and thinking critically:

Having their own ideas
Making links between new and existing knowledge
Choosing from different approaches to do things

Foundation 1 and 2 timings: 7:50am – 1:50pm (Sibling Club is available until 2:50pm)