Upper School Department


Head of Department: Ms. Siobhan Brooker

Within the Upper Years, a love of learning combined with a strong sense of independence is encouraged.  Students take pride in their achievements, which are celebrated accordingly.  

The curriculum is innovative, rigorous, and appropriate to a 21st Century learning environment aiming towards the key requirements of mastery, including an ever-increasing depth, breadth, and variety. As well as highly valuing and advancing what could be considered traditional core learning requirements, our students also actively use the most up to date technology preparing them for an ever-changing society. Students use online platforms to access and complete tasks directly related to the curriculum and their future needs which include programming for specific outcomes; app design; and computer-aided drafting (CAD) in a fun and engaging fashion.

‘...Using the remote control cars and drones allow me to have fun while I am learning...’ 

Years 5 and 6 students are encouraged to take initiative and responsibility for their own education, and to become increasingly resilient and confident members of the community. Alongside the academic expectations, we strive to provide opportunities that allow individuals to develop holistically and be ready to meet the challenges of their future. We feel it is essential to teach children real-life skills leading to an increased level of personal and social intelligence, exercising an array of traits which is guided by the SES Learner Profile. Information on our Learner Profile and be found here: (https://www.sharjahenglishschool.org/primary/learner-profile)

All students are encouraged to embrace leadership roles and to set an example to the younger members of our community, through House Captaincy, or by becoming Sports Leaders and Student Leaders.  

Our focus on personalised learning encourages students to participate and perform to the best of their ability and develop their understanding at a pace that suits their capabilities. Our range of specialised assessment opportunities continually informs the teaching and learning process, allowing the team to cater to individual requirements and providing students with ownership of their assessment and learning.

Provision for students and individuals excelling in various areas of the curriculum is recognised in everyday challenges and through the ‘Gifted and Talented’ register. For those who need a level of support and help, the Learning Support Team is on hand to ensure that all students make progress and achieve to the best of their capabilities.

Memorable experiences bring the students’ learning to life. Students in Year 5 and 6 learn and grow together. Themed days, class assemblies, and school-wide competitions all help to make rich and meaningful connections for the students. These days activities are also often designed to heighten student understanding as they move into the Secondary phase of their learning journey, while currently respecting the social distancing requirements to ensure a happy and safe experience.

By the end of Upper School, Year 6 students will have experienced several transition sessions preparing them for life in the secondary school. Visits from specialist teachers from our Secondary Department, and where permitted, visits to the Secondary school Year 6 to experience lessons in that setting and begin to develop relationships with their teachers. These experiences demystify the  secondary school and ensure that there is no lack of confidence in negotiating this challenging transition. As with many events throughout the year, this transition process also includes our parents, who are an essential part of our learning community, invited to events including parent information sessions.

 ‘SES has helped my children reach their full potential. It’s inclusivity, with a nurturing community and rigorous academic standards make it ahead of its counterparts. As a parent, I have been closely involved with the school and have seen teachers and supporting staff trying their best to provide education of the highest standards to every child in the school. SES has been the best investment for my children.’

We hope that our Year 6 graduates will have discovered their strengths; they will be self-confident, self-disciplined, and capable of facing the challenges of education in the 21st century.