Upper School


Head of Department: Mrs. Annabel Semken

Within the Upper Years, a love of learning combined with a strong sense of independence is encouraged. The children take pride in their achievements which are celebrated accordingly.

The curriculum is innovative and appropriate to a 21st Century learning environment and revolves around the key requirements of depth, breadth and variety. Within Years Five and Six, children are encouraged to take initiative and responsibility for their own education, to become increasingly resilient and confident members of the community. They have opportunities to use the most up to date of technology preparing them for an ever-changing society.

Learning opportunities are provided that encourage children to participate to the best of their abilities and develop their understanding at a pace that suits their capabilities. Assessment opportunities inform the teaching and learning process and cater to individual requirements. Provision for those excelling in various areas of the curriculum is recognised through the ‘Gifted and Talented’ register and for those who need a level of support and help, the Learning Support Team are on hand to ensure that all children make progress and achieve to the best of their capabilities.

Memorable experiences that bring the children’s learning to life feature themed days, class assemblies, the Year Six Production and regular field trips which all help to make meaningful connections for the children and heighten their understanding.

The children are encouraged to embrace leadership roles and to set an example to the younger members of our community, through House Captainship, or by becoming Sports Leaders and Student Leaders. Their participation within a range of extra-curricular areas and opportunities to represent the school in sporting teams and competitions is actively encouraged, and fosters greater self-assurance.

By the end of Upper School, Year Six students will have experienced several transition sessions preparing them for life in the secondary school. Visits to the secondary school permit Year Six to experience lessons in that setting; this demystifies secondary school and ensures that there is no lack of confidence in negotiating this challenging transition. We hope that our Year Six graduates will have discovered their personal strengths; they will be self-confident, self-disciplined and capable of facing the challenges of education in the 21st century.