Sixth Form Options


Sharjah English School is a British-curriculum school, and as such students in Years 12 and 13 (which we call the Sixth Form) follow an A Level-based programme of study. 

A Level courses are a two-year programme, culminating in final examinations which students take at the end of Year 13. These exams are set and marked by AQA and Edexcel-Pearson, the two examinations boards that we are affiliated to at Sharjah English School. Both organisations are worldwide organisations of extremely high standing and both are regulated by the Ofqual, the UK Government’s assessment and examinations agency.

The curriculum in the Sixth Form builds on the students’ success in their GCSE examinations, which they will have taken at the end of Year 11. The GCSE-based programme that students follow throughout Years 10 and 11 begins the process of specialisation, and the A Level programme in Years 12 and 13 ensures that students specialise their studies even further. Each subject is studied in much greater depth than at GCSE and, in some cases, the content taught in the second year of study is equivalent to what students would study in the first year of undergraduate courses in some countries. 

Students will normally study 3 A Level subjects, and they will choose these subjects based on their success in their GCSE examinations and on their intended courses at university and their desired career beyond that. Because these courses, and their final examinations, are so important, it is essential that students choose their subjects carefully. We provide a full programme of support to students in Year 11, which helps students and their parents to understand the range of subjects that we offer at A Level, and ensures that students choose the best combination of subjects to study at A Level, given their future career paths and their individual strengths as learners.

We have a wide range of subjects available for study at A Level. Our class sizes are capped at a maximum of 15 students in each A Level class, which ensures that each and every child receives a highly-personalised education, based on a detailed knowledge of each student and their learning needs, in every one of their subjects. In many cases, our class sizes in the Sixth Form are even smaller than that.

All of our A Level subjects use the UK grading system of A*-E, with A* being the highest possible grade, and at the end of Year 13 students take their final examinations in all of their A Level subjects. Their performance in these final examinations will determine their overall A Level grade. In some subjects, there is additional coursework which students complete during their two-year programme of study and which also counts towards their final grade.

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