Board Of Governors


The Board of Governors of SES meets each month to oversee the strategic functioning of the school, operating under the Sharjah English School Constitution. In partnership with the Principal and Bursar, the Board addresses issues of policy and concern for staff and parents, manages the finances of the school and makes medium and long-term plans for the development of the school.

The Board consists of representatives from some of the companies which were involved in the establishment of the school in its early days, and other key local businesses and institutions. There is also a parental governor, elected each two years.

We are lucky to have the involvement of supportive governors who bring to their role a range of expertise and varied backgrounds in finance, business, education and law. There are currently nine members of the Board, with the Principal, Bursar, Heads of Secondary and Primary serving additionally as non-executive members. Finally the Board also has a staff representative, to ensure that the views of teaching and non-teaching staff are presented during discussions.

Responsibility for curriculum, implementing policy and day-to-day management of the school is delegated by the Board to the school’s Principal and Senior Management Team (SMT). Concerns or questions about these areas should be directed initially to the school or Principal. Issues that are unresolved can be submitted in writing through the Secretary to the Board, Mrs. Elaine Hughes ( or through the Parent Governor ( Parents may appeal to the Chairman of the Board with concerns or complaints which have not been resolved to their satisfaction (

SES draws the attention of parents to the school's Complaints Procedures, which may be downloaded here

Members of the Board
Mr. Khalid M Al Amiri (Chairman) Businessman
Mr. Tom Koczwara (Treasurer) Sharjah Government
Mrs. Salma Abdelati (Legal Advisor) Lawyer
 Mrs. Shivangi Gupta (Parent Representative) Parent
Mr. Valerie Thompson Principal at a school in UAE
Mohammed Hussain Ustad (Parent Representative) Businessman and Parent
                                                                    Non-executive Members of the Board                                                           
Mr. Darren Coulson (Principal)                                                      
Ms. Sandrine Tailleman (Head of Finance and HR)                                                                                                             
Ms. Shiobhain Brady (Vice Principal / Head of Primary School)
Mr. Anthony Piper (Head of Secondary School)
Ms. Rose Hellewell (Staff Representative)
                                                              Secretary to the Board                                                                                              
Mrs. Elaine Hughes