What People Say About Us


About the education we provide

“The school provides a broad range and balanced curriculum… the school is well above the standard required in providing a curriculum that meets the needs of students.” BSME Inspection Report
“A special note here goes to Sharjah English School, which is an excellent school, with strong attainment. Its A Level pass rate (is) second only to Dubai College.”
The school leadership has “a clear, articulated and shared vision that encourages all to achieve educational excellence.” BSME Inspection Report
“The school provides an outstanding quality of education.”
British School Overseas Inspection Report

Regarding our pastoral provision

“There is a powerful sense of care and support permeating the whole school campus. Students across all key stages are happy young people who are proud of their school and thrive on the learning experiences that it provides.”
British Schools of the Middle East Inspection Report
“The school is highly successful in enabling all students to develop their personal skills and qualities…” BSME Inspection Report
“The school is outstanding in the quality of provision it provides to ensure the best qualities of a British education are adopted.” BSO Inspection Report
“The quality of the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is excellent.” BSME Inspection Report

On our parents

“Parents who attend Sharjah English School are a very happy bunch indeed.” www.whichschooladvisor.com
Rated one of the “clear leaders” in their parental satisfaction surveys, SES is equal with the top Dubai schools for Parent Recommendations, Parental Satisfaction with Academic Performance, Parental Satisfaction with Parental Communication, and Parental Satisfaction with Discipline. www.whichschooladvisor.com

Inspection Reports