Admissions Overview


Admissions to the school may be made through the registrar, Mrs. Mesaa Ajina at or by calling into the Secondary Reception. We start admissions for the academic year in the previous January, and there may be waiting lists for some year groups.

Priority may be given in the application procedures to UK passport holders, families of our sponsoring companies, or children with siblings already in the school.

An application form may be collected from school or downloaded. Each child will be subjected to an appropriate assessment, and there is a non-refundable fee of AED 400 for the testing and Ministry of Education registration process. This fee is payable whether the child is eventually offered a place or not.

On offer of a place a refundable fee of AED 5,000 is paid to confirm acceptance. This fee can be refunded / utilized in part payment of the final term’s fees, provided that all financial obligations to the school have been met, and parents have given a term’s written notification of the intention to withdraw.

School fees are due on or before the first day of each new term.

Returning students must re-enroll before 1st April each year for the coming academic year. Failure to do so may result in a student being required to apply as a new student in September, and / or being placed on a waiting list if one exists.

The school reserves the right to decline to enroll any returning student who has outstanding fees.


There is a requirement that all documentation, including the confidential medical report, be submitted before a child starts at the school. Without this documentation the school will be unable to process the application which has to be approved by the Ministry of Education.

We require the following documents to enable us to register your child in the school and with the Ministry of Education :

a) 2 photocopies of birth certificate.

b) 2 photocopies of passport, including a current residence visa.

c) 2 passport size photographs.

d) 2 photocopies of Emirates ID card.

e) Last 2 school reports.

f) Original Transfer / Leaving Certificate from previous school as per the Ministry of Education approved format.

g) Signed admission documents (only if place offered by the School).

h) Medical Booklet, completed and signed with photocopies of vaccination records (only if place offered by the School).

Entry to Secondary School

We do not normally accept students for entry to Year 11 or Year 13; both these year groups are already half way through GCSE or A Level courses respectively, and achieving compatibility with other school’s subject choices, specifications and modules usually makes it extremely difficult for students to fit into these years successfully.

Entry to Sixth Form

Entry requirements to Year 12 and Year 13, for A Level study, are outlined in the section on Sixth Form.