Fees Policy


Schedule of School Fees

The level of school fees is established by reference to the SES Budget and Development Plan needs. All fees have to be approved by the Ministry of Education (or since January 2019 by the Sharjah Private Education Authority).

School fee applications have to be submitted to MoE/SPEA by end of January deadline. Therefore, decisions on whether to seek a fee increase needs to be agreed by BoG during December / January each year.

It is a requirement that the school inform parents of any fee increase sought.

The current schedule of fees will be available to parents and prospective parents via the school website, the display board at Reception and as a hard copy which forms part of the admissions pack.

As a matter of principle, SES does not operate any hidden or additional fees for tuition. All additional expenses (for uniform, any required stationery etc.) are explicitly outlined in our documentation. Where the school undertakes trips, camps etc. again the school does not seek a commission or cut from this charge – any profit from such trips is refunded to parents.

The level of fees for siblings, teaching staff children, non-teaching staff children will be reviewed regularly by the Board of Governors – these discounts are an internal school decision and are not subject to MoE/SPEA approval.

Payment of Fees

On application to the school there is a charge of 400 AED per student for admission testing and admin. This is non-refundable, whether the child is accepted or not.

A security deposit of 5,000 AED per child is payable on acceptance of a place at SES. The fee can be refunded / utilized as part payment against final term’s fees, provided that all financial obligations to the school have been met, and parents have given a term’s written notification of withdrawal.

Parents will be invoiced before the end of each term for the subsequent term’s fees. Reminder letters and emails will be sent up to three times in the first month of a term to any parents who have not paid.

Students are required to re-register by 1st April for the coming academic year – there is a re-registration fee of 2,000 AED which will not be refunded if parents fail to give a term’s notice about a child not returning to school for the following academic year.

There is a provision for parents to put aside 2,000 AED from the security deposit to cover the re-registration fee.

Non-Payment of Fees

Students who have outstanding fees from the previous school year, will not be admitted to a new school year in September until the arrears are paid. The school reserves the right to give their places to students on our waiting list if a family fails to settle debts from the previous year.

Term fees should be paid before or on the first day of term. There will be three reminders sent in the first month to parents who are in arrears. Any students whose fees have not been paid by end of the first month of Term 1 each academic year, can be excluded and their place offered to another child.

Students who are in arrears on fees will not receive school reports, transfer certificates, examination results / certificates, references etc. until all fees are settled.

Any deviation from the normal schedule of fee payments must be agreed in writing with the Bursar / Principal. Failure to keep to an agreed payment plan may result in a child’s place being offered to a student on the waiting list.

In the unusual case where arrears of fees are substantial, and other methods have failed to secure payment, the school reserves the right to pursue legal action against debtors.

John Nolan / Spring Term 2018

Policy to be reviewed annually by the BoG.