After School Clubs


Extra Curricular Activities



To encourage and promote social, artistic and sporting activities outside of normal school hours we offer a broad range of after school activities. Each term a list of clubs is announced and pupils sign up for their choices. Pupils can select a club each day if they wish!

School Clubs


Extra-curricular activities and clubs are available to children in the school according to their age. These are organised both by teachers and by private providers. Teacher led clubs usually take place between 14:30pm and 15:15pm on Monday through to Wednesday afternoon for pupils from Years 3-6. The clubs vary each term, but a typical selection might include: swim squad, cookery, rugby, netball, ICT, art, lego, cross stitch and choir. Private clubs run Sunday through to Thursday and include Arabic, karate, drama, fitness, gymnastics and ballet. Some of the private clubs are offered to younger pupils, depending on the provider. Brochures for private clubs are available from the Primary office and provide further information on the activities offered.

The full list of current clubs is made available on SES Communicator.