Examination Results - Summer 2020


Students at Sharjah English School achieve outstanding examination results, significantly outperforming UK averages in every measure. We pride ourselves on this achievement, particularly given that we are not academically selective.

A Level Results
In our most recent results, from Summer 2020, 90% of all awarded grades were in the A*-B range (compared to 49.4% for the UK national average), and 46% of all grades were either A* or A grades (compared to 27.1% for the UK national average). 
Some of our star performers were Martus Chan, who achieved 3 A* grades and 1 A grade, and Jeff Lee, who achieved 2 A* grades and 2 A grades. Martus is now studying at Purdue University majoring in Engineering.  Jeff is now studying Physics at UC Berkeley.
Other destinations for our Year 13 graduates include King’s College, London; University College London; University of Warwick; University of Durham; Queen Mary University and Queen’s University, Belfast within the United Kingdom. We also have students applying and attending universities in Belgium (KU Leuven), Czech Republic (Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine) Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa and the UAE. 

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GCSE Results
In Summer 2020, our students achieved a 99.7% 4-9 pass rate (compared to 78.8% for the UK national average) and 52% of all awarded grades were either a Grade 8 or a Grade 9 (compared to 15.3% for the UK national average). These are our best ever GCSE results and are truly exceptional. One of our star performers, Diya Shebeen, achieved a complete set of Grade 9 qualifications - nine in total; Katrin Talih achieved eight 9 grades and one 8 grade, and Avni Chaturvedi achieved six Grade 9 and 3 Grade 8 qualifications.

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At SES, we deliver outstanding teaching which leads to outstanding results.