Examination Results - Summer 2021


Students at Sharjah English School achieve outstanding examination results, significantly outperforming UK averages in every measure. We pride ourselves on this achievement, particularly given that we are not academically selective.

A Level Results

In our most recent results, from Summer 2021, 96% of all awarded grades were in the A*-C range, and 51% of all grades were either A* or A grades.

Some of our star performers were:

Rachel Deyis - 3 A* Grades (English Literature, Art, History)
Anneketrien van Wassehnove - 3 A* grades (English Literature, Drama & Music)
Abizer Mamnoon - 3 A* grades (Maths, Chemistry & Economics)
Karthika Babu - 2 A* (Biology & Maths) & 1 A (Chemistry)
Aryaa Gunavante - 2 A* (Maths & Economics) & 2 A (Chemistry & Further Maths)

Our Summer 2021 graduates have gone on to study at some of the UK’s most highly-rated Russell Group universities, including Law at Birmingham University, Medicine at University of Central Lancashire, English Literature at York University, Economics & Psychology and Philosophy at Warwick University. Our students also have gone on to study at renowned universities in the USA, Australia and Europe.

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GCSE Results

In Summer 2021, our students achieved a 99% 4-9 pass rate. Over one-third of all grades awarded was a Grade 9 and 60% of all awarded grades were either a Grade 8 or a Grade 9. These are our best ever GCSE results and are truly exceptional. We are very proud that WhichSchoolAdvisor have confirmed that our GCSE results were the 3rd highest across the whole of the UAE this year.

Some of our star performers at GCSE level were:

Aaminah Habeen, Saif Hyder, Maryam Khan & Nishant Sood- 9 x 9 Grades
Praneel Gupta, Aahaan Kandoth &  Josh Poonen - 8 x 9s and 1 x 8

At SES, we deliver outstanding teaching which leads to outstanding results. 

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