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Sharjah English School is a British-curriculum school, and as such students in Years 10 and 11 follow a GCSE-based programme of study. GCSE courses are a two-year programme, culminating in final examinations which students take at the end of Year 11. These exams are set and marked by AQA and Edexcel-Pearson, the two examinations boards that we are affiliated to at Sharjah English School. Both organisations are worldwide organisations of extremely high standing and both are regulated by the Ofqual, the UK Government’s assessment and examinations agency.

This phase of a child’s education, encompassing Years 10 and 11, is referred to as ‘Key Stage 4’. Most subjects that children study in Years 10 and 11 lead to GCSE qualifications; however we also offer, in some subjects, IGCSE qualifications. Please see the below options booklet for further information about the differences between GCSE and IGCSE qualifications.

Whereas the curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 (Key Stage 3) aims to deliver breadth, with students taking 14-15 different subjects throughout these three years, the curriculum in Key Stage 4 begins the process of specialisation. Students study fewer subjects, but they study them in much greater depth than in Years 7-9. Most students will study for 9 GCSE qualifications throughout Key Stage 4.

All students in Years 10 and 11 study compulsory subjects of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science. Each of these subjects leads to a GCSE qualification, with Science counting for two GCSEs. There is an option for students to extend Double Award Science into Triple Award Science. Further details can be found in the GCSE Options booklet, by clicking on the link below.

In addition to these compulsory subjects, students are able to choose a further 4 subjects from a wide range of options. This enables students to choose subjects which they enjoy, which they will succeed in, and which will help them to specialise and focus on those subjects that they will eventually study at A Level in Years 12 and 13.

All of our GCSE subjects use the UK grading system of 1-9, with 9 being the highest possible grade, and at the end of Year 11 students take their final examinations in all of their GCSE and IGCSE subjects. Their performance in these final examinations will determine their overall GCSE/IGCSE grade. In some subjects, there is additional coursework which students complete during their two-year programme of study and which also counts towards their final grade.

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I/GCSE Options Booklet

I/GCSE Options Presentation

f you have any questions about our Key Stage 4 programme, please do not hesitate to contact Mr David Thompson, via dthompson@sharjahenglishschool.org