International Award


The International Award Scheme is a programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities designed to aid the development of young people. Participants may enter the Award commencing with Bronze or Silver before graduating to Gold. In order to make this an inclusive and truly cohesive experience, our policy is to allow participants to enroll in the programme in year 10, when the whole of the cohort has reached the minimum age required. 

The Award is proving hugely popular at Sharjah English School, with over 38 students taking part across all three levels.In order to successfully complete the Award, each participant needs to complete the following sections:


a) Service - volunteering in the local community 

b) Skills - pursuing a skill or hobby

c) Physical Recreation - taking part in physical activity

Candidates are also required to plan, train for and undertake a self-sufficient expedition. This section is perhaps the most demanding and involves many weeks of training to ensure safety and enjoyment of all our participants. Of course, the level of difficulty and the time commitment required varies from Bronze to Gold.

Not only does the International Award provide a great and memorable experience whilst at school, the skills and competences it develops in each participant are held in high regard by universities and employers alike.

Ms Carin Erasmus & Ms Chantal Benani
International Award Leaders