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At SES, we recognise the importance of developing future leaders of the world; which is why we place a strong emphasis on the personal development of the individual as well as academic success. SES provides a never-ending range of opportunities for students to excel, to develop existing talents and to explore new ones. Initiatives within and beyond the classroom ensure we grow great leaders that become original, creative thinkers and responsible global citizens.

We provide a dynamic and progressive learning environment that nurtures students’ independence, and enables them to grow as learners and to make decisions about their own learning - this we call ‘learner agency’ - and it is central to our belief that our children should be actively involved in their development, not merely passive recipients of education. We encourage our students to take risks, to try new things, to consider how they learn as well as what they learn. 

One of our key strengths is the quality of the relationships that teachers build with their students. Our teachers have a detailed knowledge and understanding of our pupils and know at every stage of their ‘learning journey’ what children need in order to make the next steps towards their learning goals. Our experienced team of specialist teachers, deliver a highly personalised education that enables every child to fully realise their potential.
We offer a rich and broad curriculum, based on the UK system of GCSEs and A Levels, tailored to meet the needs of our diverse community of international students. Our most recent BSO report (published in May 2019) describes SES as an ‘outstanding’ school, and recognises that we have an outstanding reputation within the Sharjah community. Our external examination results are truly remarkable and we consistently achieve the best GCSE and A Level results in Sharjah. Our graduating students excel beyond SES and access the best universities around the world.

We are very proud of our Student Voice programme, which ensures that all students have a say in the running of the school and the school’s future development. We believe that all students at SES should have a voice. It is a fundamental responsibility of the school to ensure that students’ views are heard and valued in the taking of decisions which affect them, and that they are supported in making a positive contribution to their school. There is a clear partnership between adults and students with this aim in mind. At SES, we use a ‘Smart Council’ framework, and our Student Voice representatives are organised into five committees, each of which represents a key area of the school. Our current Student Voice committees are Teaching & Learning, Global Social Responsibility, Community Events, School Improvement and Media & Communications. 

You are very welcome to visit our school, where you will have the opportunity to meet our thriving students and dedicated teaching team. 
 Come and discover the warm and vibrant community that is Sharjah English School. 

October 2021